Project 351 will have a new Alumni governance structure for 2018. Three distinct groups, each designated for a unique responsibility to help Project 351 achieve its mission, comprise the 2018 Alumni Leadership Council (ALC) and will work in close partnership to extend the reach and impact of our service; strengthen our community and bonds of unity; and progress the vision and values of Project 351.

The three leadership platforms are:

  1. Senior Leadership Corps (SLC): for seniors. Board of Advisors and mentors to the RUC and AMC. Recognized for Project 351 wisdom, experience, engagement, and overall excellence; and an exceptional ability to mentor and build community.

  2. Alumni Mentoring Corps (AMC): for sophomores and juniors.  Team leader/mentor to one of 45 Service Hero teams for their twelve month leadership journey.  Recognized for their demonstrated excellence at team leadership and mentorship, and exceptional commitment to Project 351 program and service.

  3. Regional Unity Corps (RUC): for freshmen, sophomores and juniors. For the first time, we are excited to invite your consideration of regional leadership -- a top priority identified in discussions with you. This new role and structure reflects your request for greater regional unity and Project 351 identity on the local level. Founding RUC's will play a critical role in extending the reach and impact of our mission to every corner of the state. There will be 14 regions led by RUCs recognized for initiative, drive, project management, and community building.

Together, the orange-shirted ALC will reflect an exemplary standard of leadership and will serve as stewards of Project 351's mission and values.